Our Charitable Work and Donations

Gothard Photography has undertaken multiple photographic assignments for Denver-based Lincoln Hills Cares (LHC) from 2017 through 2023. This ground-breaking Colorado-based charity provides: "Colorado experiences for youth by forming a connection to cultural history, science, technology, art and  environmental conservation." Lincoln Hills offers its Front Range facilities and instructor led programs (horse riding, archery, fishing, nature hikes, pollinator program, etc.) to a number of local charities and organisations.     



The charity is essentially the progeny of an African-American resort community -  established as "Lincoln Hills" - that was founded in Gilpin County, Colorado, by African-Americans to provide a safe-haven for people of colour seeking to vacation - by buying lots or staying at the lodge - with their families in a time of racial segregation and persecution. Founded in the late '20s, some  of the original resort buildings are still standing today including; The Winks Panorama (aka Winks Lodge), the bar (now a private home), as well as Lena Horne's honeymoon cabin! In its heyday the resort attracted many African-American luminaries such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Lena Horne who stayed at the resort when touring and playing in the clubs at Five Points in Denver.

Leading  African-American community leaders, judges and businessmen attend events hosted at Lincoln Hills who often provide pearls of wisdom to scholars of the Denver chapter of the Delta Eta Boulé Foundation at Lincoln Hills Cares.  The scholars also learn about the historic difficulties faced by the African-American population who lived in Denver's Five Points district and the tools that this community had to use - such as the "Green Book" (upon which the 2018 movie of the same name is loosely based) - to navigate their way safely across America.

Governor Jared Polis at Lincoln Hills

In 2021 Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed the Outdoor Equity Fund Bill into law at the Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club (which hosts many LHC events) accompanied by kids from Vibe Tribe AdventuresCO State Representative Leslie Herod (top left) and members of Lincoln Hills Cares and representatives of numerous youth and outdoor organizations at Lincoln Hills in Gilpin County, Colorado. Gothard Photography has also undertaken work for Robert F. Smith of Vista Equity Partners - one of the co-founders of both the Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club and Lincoln Hills Cares.

Lincoln Hills Cares offers a variety of on-site programs including; archery, horse riding, angling and a number of nature and science-based projects for kids from all walks of life and social and economic situations. If you are looking to support a local Denver-based charity via a donation or belong to a group, charity or organisation that would like to join their summer programs please contact Lincoln Hills Cares.             

Since we opened our doors in November 2014 Gothard Photography has focused on supporting a number of local Colorado charities and organisations via both financial and product donations including; TEENS Inc, The Gilpin County CSU Extension, The Gilpin County Commissioners, The High Country Auxiliary, Gilpin County Senior Living, the Gilpin County Food Bank, and "a haven" (a holistic mountain collective).  






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