Young Female Moose

$ 155.00

A young female moose (Alces alces shirasi) overwintering in Gilpin County, Colorado. The white patch on her right shoulder is caused by winter tick which is especially prevalent when the local moose population density is high. The ticks are especially harmful to young moose calves - which unlike other species - seem less well adapted to cope with this particular parasite. Winter tick is the leading cause of death in young moose calves.

Moose - who are not actually native to Colorado - were introduced into the state in 1978 and have proved to be a huge draw for tourists and native Coloradans alike. Some of the best locations for spotting moose in Colorado are Red Feather Lakes, Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake and Brainard Lake Recreation Area.

A hand-crafted and UV protected 15.6" x 20.8" glass print with black backing and mount.

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